Fouad WhatsApp APK Download V9.95 Latest Update Feb 2024

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that makes our messaging experience unique. It’s different because it’s not made by the same people who make WhatsApp but by independent developers who add many extra features and ways to customize it. This version, also known as FMWA or Fouad Mod WA, was created by a group called FouadMODS. One of its best parts is that it has excellent features you can’t find in the normal WhatsApp. Plus, the developers focused on ensuring it’s safe to use and won’t get you blocked from using WhatsApp, which is a big worry for people who like using these modded WhatsApp versions.

File NameFouad WhatsApp
File Size76 MB
RequirementAndroid 8.0
Last UpdateFeb 1, 2024

Why Choose Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp download apk offers unique features for people who want more than what the regular WhatsApp gives. It’s suitable for users who care a lot about keeping their chats private, like changing how their app looks and needing to send large photos or videos. It’s still easy to use, just like WhatsApp, even with all these extra features.

Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp latest version download allows you to use it simultaneously with the regular WhatsApp on your phone. This means you have two different accounts on one device. Plus, it gives you more options to keep your chats private. 

comparison between fouad and simple whatsapp

Enhanced Privacy Features in Fouad WhatsApp 2024

Fouad WhatsApp 9.95 apk download cares about keeping your chats private and secure. It has some awesome features to help with this:

  1. Anti-Delete Messages: This stops people from being able to delete messages they’ve sent to you.
  2. Freeze Last Seen: It hides when you were last online, so others can’t see it.
  3. Anonymous Messaging: You can send messages without saving the person’s contact details.

These features give you more control over how you chat and help keep your conversations private, making the whole messaging experience better and more secure.

Security Features

Fouad WhatsApp update takes security seriously. It has a feature where you can put a password or a pattern lock on the app. Only you can open it, keeping your chats and information safe from anyone who shouldn’t see them. It’s great for people who care about keeping their private messages and sensitive info secure inside their messaging app.

privacy and Security Features in fouad whatsapp

Setting Tools Contains

There are so many tools in settings options for various purposes like 

  • Conversation Background Color: When you chat with someone, you can change the background color.
  • Action Bar: There is an action bar that you can tap for more options and use for applying any tool.
  • Contact Status Text Color: The contact status color is not fixed; you can change it at any time in any color.
  • Emojis Button Color: Emojis do not have a fixed yellow color; it is also changeable in any color you like.
  • Send Button Color: The send button is usually green, which does not look attractive, and most of us have been tired of watching this color for years. To have more exciting chats, you can change the color of that button.
  • Conversation UI Button Color: UI is the interfere button of the app; you can also change this color if you get bored with the previous colors.
  • Convert Status Color: The status you showed to your contact list looks more attractive if you make it more colorful.

Hiding Online Status and Blue Ticks

You can hide when you’re online. This means no one can tell when you’re using the app. It also lets you hide those blue ticks when you read a message. This way, you get more control over who knows what you’re doing and when. It helps make your chatting experience more private and under your control.

Homepage of fouad whatsapp

Themes and Appearance Changes

You can change the whole app’s appearance, including the main screens you see. You can download and use many different themes to change the app’s style. You can also pick your chat backgrounds, how the text looks, and even the app’s colours. This is cool for anyone who wants their messaging app to match their style or mood.

Broader Range of Emoticons and Stickers

Fouad WhatsApp new version has special stickers and emojis you can’t find in the regular WhatsApp, making chatting more fun and lively. This is great for anyone who loves adding a bit of extra personality and fun to their messages.

Media Sharing Capabilities

You can share bigger and better pictures and videos than the regular WhatsApp. You can send clear images and videos, up to 700MB, without losing quality. This is handy if you like sharing high quality photos and videos, because you won’t need to use other apps or services to send big files. It makes things a lot easier and more enjoyable for people who share a lot of media.

Extended Character Count and Bulk Image Sending

Fouad WhatsApp apk breaks the usual limits you find in regular WhatsApp. It lets you write longer status messages, so you can say more without worrying about running out of space. Also, you can send many images simultaneously instead of just a few, like in the standard app. This makes it much easier to share many photos simultaneously, which is great for people who like to share many pictures with their friends.

Installation and Usage

Fouad WhatsApp apk download isn’t in the regular app stores, so you have to download it from To install it, you need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ in your phone’s settings. This allows you to install apps that aren’t from the official store. After that, you follow the usual steps to install an APK file. Once installed, you can use all its cool features by signing up with your phone number, just like regular WhatsApp.

Regular Updates and Support

The team behind Fouad WhatsApp update version download often brings out new updates. They add cool new things and fix any problems that pop up. To get these updates, you must download the latest version of the app from this page. This keeps your app up to date with all the latest features.


Fouad WhatsApp takes texting to a new level by giving you many more options and keeping it easy to use. Sure, there might be some risks since it’s not the standard app, but its cool extra features make it appealing. If you’re looking for something more than what regular WhatsApp offers, Fouad WhatsApp is an exciting choice with lots of excellent features.