FM WhatsApp Download APK (Update) v10.10 Latest July 2024

FM WhatsApp offers enhanced features and customization options. Enjoy advanced privacy settings, unique themes, and much more.

Download FM Whatsapp Apk

WhatsApp has become a household name for instant messaging in today’s digital age. However, FM WhatsApp takes the experience to a whole new level. This modified version of WhatsApp offers a range of exciting features and functionalities that go beyond the standard app. Let’s dive into what makes FM WhatsApp a standout choice for many users.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a third-party app developed by Fouad Mokdad. It’s an unofficial version of WhatsApp that provides extensive customization options, enhanced privacy features, and additional functionalities that are not available in the official app.

Customization Options

Latest FM WhatsApp update allows you to personalize your chats with unique themes, fonts, and styles, making the messaging experience truly your own. You can change the background of your chat window or select a font that matches your style.

Features of FM WhatsApp


FM WhatsApp offers a range of customization options, and its community has created themes, wallpapers, and custom chat backgrounds.

Cool Fonts

Choose the perfect font that suits your style from extensive selection of over 100 elegant typefaces, which includes classics like Helvetica and Garamond.

Delete Messages

Fm whatsapp allows you to read deleted messages. This is the main reason everyone love to use this app.

Enhanced Privacy Features

FM WhatsApp latest version APK download have features like hiding your online status, blue ticks, and even your typing status. This gives you more control over who can see when you’re active or typing, providing a more private and secure messaging experience.

Multiple Account Support

FM WhatsApp allows users to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is incredibly useful for those who want to separate their personal and professional communications without the hassle of switching accounts.

File Sharing Capabilities

Sharing files is easier with FM WhatsApp. You can send larger files and a wider variety of formats, making it a practical choice for both personal and professional use. You can easily share without any MB restrictions whether you’re sharing high-resolution photos, videos, or documents.

Hide View Status

This feature allows you to view the status updates of your contacts without notifying them. While this can raise ethical concerns, it’s useful for those who prefer to maintain a level of anonymity while browsing statuses.

Unique Emojis and Themes

FM WhatsApp update download has a rich collection of emojis and themes that add a unique touch to your conversations. Express yourself in new and exciting ways with these additions, and customize your chats to reflect your personality.

Anti-Ban and Security

FM WhatsApp new version is designed to be secure and anti-ban, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting banned from using the app. It provides an extra layer of security for your messaging experience.

Auto Reply

With FM WhatsApp update 2024, you can create automated responses to incoming messages when you’re unable to respond immediately. This feature is particularly handy for busy professionals.

How to Download and Install FM WhatsApp

Downloading and installing FM WhatsApp is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Enable “Install apps from unknown sources” in your device’s settings.
  2. Click on the upper provided download button.
  3. Download the APK file.
  4. Open your device’s file manager and locate the downloaded APK file.
  5. Tap on the APK file to begin the installation.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  7. Open FM WhatsApp and verify your phone number using an SMS code.
  8. Customize your settings, including themes and privacy preferences.


FM WhatsApp is a feature-rich alternative to the standard WhatsApp, offering enhanced customization and functionality for users. Its extensive features, from privacy settings to file-sharing capabilities, make it an attractive choice for those looking to elevate their messaging experience. However, always ensure you download it from reputable sources to maintain your device’s security. Explore the unique features of FM WhatsApp and enjoy a personalized, secure, and enhanced messaging experience.


Visit, navigate to the download page, and click the download button. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file. When you click on the downloaded file, you’ll see an update option; click on update and enjoy the latest version.

Start the FM WhatsApp on your phone and go to Settings. In the Privacy section, open Last Seen & Online. Choose your preference for hiding your Last Seen status. Restart FM WhatsApp, and now your online status is hidden.

FM WhatsApp is safe to use, and there have been no reports of the app having malware problems.